37 Scandinavin Chritmas Decoration for the Pure Winter

The space with pure white as the main part lets sunlight shine into the living room through the glass window. A whole black background wall forms a sharp contrast with the light. The gray sofa, the low wooden tea table, some metal decorations, and the visible Christmas fabric all have a good softening space. The indispensable Christmas tree decoration also continues the simple characteristics of the Nordic style. The simple layout allows enough space between the furniture to add shadow effect.

Christmas, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas fruit and other decorations can be seen everywhere. How to make the family feel like Christmas? There is no doubt that there are many delicate decorations. Although the decoration of Christmas itself has decorative effect, even if the accessories inherent in the home are very simple, as long as some Christmas decorations are added, the whole space can be refreshed. Of course, if the Nordic style of home decoration, it will undoubtedly create a very good prerequisite for Christmas decorations. Simple log tea table, fabric sofa, iron tea table, etc. are enough to support the effect of Christmas.

37 Scandinavin Chritmas Decoration for the Pure Winter home design,Christmas decortion, living room

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