35 Rustic Country Decorating Ideas For Every Room

Flowers are an essential decoration in home life. Proper flowers and green leaf decoration can make the home environment become full of vitality, full of vitality, so that home life is no longer monotonous. And how to make simple flower ornaments hanging on the wall? This is actually very simple, do not need time and effort to go to the department store to buy, do not need to spend a high price to buy, just need you to move your hands, ready to color pen, empty bottles and scissors, hemp rope, glue, iron made of wire and so on.

Wrap the hemp rope tightly around the bottle and stick to it with glue. If you want a transparent effect, you can wrap only the upper part. The wire of iron is then passed through the entangled hemp rope as a fixation for its suspension. Then dress up the bottle as you want. Finally, put some dried flowers in the vase or pour water into the bottle and put in a few real flowers. Such a simple hanging decoration is done. If you can, you can choose to nail the plank splicing to the wall and place the vase on it, which is also a good choice.

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