37 Shinning and Beautiful Christmas Nails You Have to See

It’s Christmas again. What will the babies do this Christmas? I feel that the first task is to make a beautiful holiday manicure! Christmas red is always a very white color, such a manicure is more traditional Christmas manicure, red background with snow, and elk. This one is the manicure that likes very much.

Although most people think the red and green match is very gaudy, if they match the holiday atmosphere of Christmas, does it feel very festive? I will feel dirty for a long time. This nail is very innovative. It uses pink as a tender color to set off red and green. It has a different temperament. This manicure is my favorite this year. Quicksand is wrapped on your fingernails. Do you like it? And the color match is very bright; it really has the feeling of Christmas. Used to see red and green, Christmas can also be celebrated with this cute little fresh manicure. Grey also has different colors. This one has the feeling of Christmas night. It’s starry, low-key and luxurious.

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Image Source: fashonails.com

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