25 Most Flattering Haircuts for Round Faces

For girls with round face will be distressed when choose a hairstyle, because the face type is not able to choose her favorite hairstyle as she likes. A round-faced girl needs to balance her full and round face, which means that she has to lengthen her head. Side points, four or six points and long sweeping bangs can play a big role in modification.

The best hairstyle for a round face is short hair, especially the various types of wave heads and derived hair styles that can very well modify the facial lines so that the entire face looks narrower. Regardless of straight hair or short hair, people with round faces must pay attention to create a fluffy head. The hair on both sides must cover the face slightly, close to the ear, and not reveal the ears.

Here are 4 tips for the round face, firstly, avoid the middle point and any one of the back combs, which can only make the face bigger and rounder, secondly, avoid the hair on both sides too fluffy and long face to make the face look more rounded or even thick, thirdly, avoid heavy and blunt bangs, because this bangs is extremely strong in reducing the length of the face, finally, avoiding the top of the head, which will only make the whole face look wider and shorter.

Today, we have collected 20+ best haircuts and hairstyles for round faces. If you have round face and search for best haircuts, explore the following cute and fun short hairstyles for round faces and try one of them based on your own preference.

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